Here you'll find stories, jokes, speakwords etc. from me and from others.

Speakwords, by Erik and myself, also in French and German!

Speakwords and sayings


  • EnglishAh, now the monkey comes from the sleeve.
  • I will look the cat from the tree first.
  • It rains that it pisses.
  • A strange duck in the byte.
  • Let's fuck the window.
  • Give my portion but to Fikkie.
  • We are going to take poles height.
  • Pump or drown.
  • On the sharpest of the cut.
  • I have tocked a nice car on the head.
  • That may not press the fun.
  • Ex-cúte me please.
  • Darwin's ovulation theory.
  • It is not all cake and egg.
  • We have to bring loaf on the plenk.
  • That can not go through the bracket.
  • To get from the rain in the drop.
  • I am becoming so motherless from it.
  • Hold your breast.....
  • Never shit a given horse in the mouth.
  • That hits on nothing.
  • I have still an apple to peel with you.
  • The best pilots stand on the wall.
  • That doesn't introduce me bit.
  • When the monley came out of the sleeve, I didn't know what I had hanging on my bicycle, but I took the cow by the horns, and now it starts to look like something again...
  • ...
  • German:Scheisse passiert.
  • ...
  • French:Qu'est-ce que j'ai suspendu de ma biciclette maintentant??
  • Il a perdu la route




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